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Ms. Bernice Tay

Our Academic Director with 10+ years of experience in MOE schools.

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Real Results From Real Students


Hear from one of our students, Alex, how our teachers made him feel valued and gave him the confidence to do well.


Zainab shares how our structured lessons and passionate teachers helped her pass her mid-year exams for the first time.


Mrs Clara Poh shares how our fun, interactive classes helped her daughter to be more confident and ace her Chem tests.

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Chemistry Made Easy

Jump 3-5 Grades Quickly & Get Into Your Dream JC/Poly!

Ms. Bernice served as the school’s Subject Level Coordinator of Lower Sec Science and Subject Level Coordinator of Chemistry. Her mission was to simplify complex Chemistry concepts, making the subject more enjoyable. 

Students found their study time significantly reduced and are confident to tackle even the most challenging Chemistry questions.

Over 90% of our +875 students jump 3-5 grades & get into their dream JC/Poly.

Students Perform Actual Experiments in our NEA Approved Chemistry Lab

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Actual Results For O Levels..

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Why Bright Culture Is The Right
Tuition Centre For You


We motivate students to achieve their best

Our warm, friendly and energetic Chemistry Tutors motivate and inspire students to give 100% and achieve their dream grades! Our stringent selection and training process ensure we only work with highly qualified educators with years of experience. All our tutors have mentored students to A1, A2 or B3 and get into their dream schools!


1 Page Summary Notes, Cheatsheets & Other Learning Resources

Instead of countless textbooks, assessments, Ten Year Series and school worksheets, we summarised all key concepts and formulas of each chapter into 20+ pages of full colour summary notes. Imagine 2 years of materials, condensed into just 20+ pages. Your child will find it less intimidating to pick up their notes and get started.


NEA Approved Chemistry Lab

Bright Culture is one of the few chemistry tuition centres in Singapore with a NEA approved chemistry practical lab. Chemistry practical contributes to 20% of the paper but is often neglected as students don’t have access to a lab. This gives our students an advantage in the O Levels!


Online Learning Portal FOR All Students

Our lessons are recorded and uploaded online for students to revise at their own pace if they have any doubts. Our notes, materials, tougher questions and quizzes, are also uploaded online for easy reference.


Cool concept notes & Other Teaching materials to make learning easy

Instead of dull black & white notes, our in-house designed full colour, concise chemistry textbook aids memory and pattern recognition by breaking down tough concepts into easy to understand steps.


Well Trained Teachers, Proven Methodology & Structured Teaching Curriculum

We have a well trained team of teachers that uses a fixed curriculum and materials for every lesson to deliver the best learning experience. Every single lesson has been carefully planned for maximum impact.

About Bright Culture - Good Chemistry Tuition Near You

Bright Culture was started by 2 friends who met in Junior College with a simple aim in mind.

Our aim is to maximise the potential of all our students, not just in school but in life. In our Chemistry Tuition lessons or our Science Tuition classes

Our students are our heroes. In their journey to the exams, we’re just the mentor or the guide to help them along the way. A little tip here, a little nudge there.

Just like Mr. Miyagi and the Karate Kid, who despite all odds, managed to conquer his inner fears and emerge victorious. Like Yoda and Luke Skywalker.

All our years of wisdom, experience and know-how is passed to our students. Every hero’s journey is unique.

Only one thing remains the same.

No matter how daunting the challenge they must overcome, no matter how high the mountain they must climb, we will always be there for our students.

Cheering them on as our heroes emerge victorious not only in school, but in life. That is the Bright Culture we seek for our students.

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shernace seet
shernace seet
Hi!! Here’s my honest feedback: i really enjoyed all the 10 lessons i attended because the teacher (ms bernice tay) went through the notes very thoroughly and explained the concepts very well! The notes given were neat and concise too, very helpful for answering questions! + they were coloured YAY 🌈 Ms Tay’s teaching made me less afraid of chemistry too HAHAHA 🤣 i already recommended Bright Culture to my friend because i felt that others would also learn a lot there :)) on a side note the other teachers like ms anna and mr benjamin and another 2 teachers (i’m not sure of their name 🫤) were really patient and helpful too! 😄👍
DAWN ONG YIRONG Student 2019
DAWN ONG YIRONG Student 2019
The class was really good! I learnt a lot and the teachers were all so friendly and interesting. Didn’t feel tired a bit and I now have a better understanding of chemistry. I also love how the teacher would connect chapters together. Very fun! Glad i saw their ad on instagram 🙂
shana wee
shana wee
I attended the crash course and it was incredibly helpful!! it was thorough, engaging and the content was covered fully in every lesson. it has definitely made me understand the concepts better
Ashlyn Ng
Ashlyn Ng
At first I was actually dreading the crash courses bc they were so long but they were actually super helpful and fun! Didn’t feel exhausted after 5 hours of the module and practice! 🙂 the Teachers are also all super nice and i like how even though it’s in a big class they still go by to each student individually to help them out, and even if you don’t know how to do the task assigned they don’t get angry at all!! 😮😮😮 overall bright culture super good 👍👍👍 thx!!
regan ling
regan ling
really good and cohesive notes++teaching! never understood until i joined the crash course. love the teachers and they are all friendly and experienced. highly recommend to people struggling with chemistry and need to understand quickly!
Lian Chelsia
Lian Chelsia
the crash course helped me understand electrolysis and organic chemistry so much better. the lessons were engaging and interesting!

Our Schedules & Fees

Bright Culture is a Trusted O & A Level JC/H2 Chemistry Tuition Centre in Singapore. Over 90% of our students jump multiple grades quickly, score A1-B3 and get into their dream JC/Poly!


Lower Secondary Science Tuition

✔ 2 hours for each lesson
✔ Build up strong foundations, master the fundamentals of Science, score 3-5 grades higher!


Secondary 3 Chemistry Tuition

✔ 2 hours for each lesson
✔ Build solid foundations in Chemistry, jump 3-5 grades quickly and score A1-B3 for O level.


Secondary 4 Chemistry Tuition

✔ 2 hours for each lesson
✔ Make rapid progress in Chemistry, score A1-B3 & get into your dream JC/Poly!


JC 1 & JC 2 Chemistry Tuition

✔ 2 hours for each lesson
✔ Improve grades quickly, jump multiple grades and ace your A-level H2 Chemistry!


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