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How To Calculate Your O Level Score

Different institutions will require different calculations of your O Level scores, so we have split them into Junior College (JC), Millennial Institution (MI), Polytechnic, and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) for you.  Institutions requirements JC: L1R5 (1 Language, 5 Relevant subjects) L1: English or Higher Mother Tongue Language (MTL) At least one R5: Mathematics or …

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How to be good at chemistry

How to be good at chemistry, is the very common question that arises in the mind of every o level and a level student. You may not think it sounds important, but if you want to have a successful career in chemistry, you need to know how to do well in your chemistry classes. In …

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Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

Chemistry is a subject that has high demand in terms of tuition in Singapore. The main reason for so many tuition-seeking students is mainly the difficulty of the subject. Students think that it is a boring subject and hence cannot understand it. Many tuition centers make the boring subject an interesting and fun one. A …

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