Where to Find A-Level H2 Chemistry Resources

Where to Find A-Level H2 Chemistry Resources

As an H2 Chemistry student in Singapore, finding good study resources is crucial for success in the subject. The H2 Chemistry syllabus covers a wide range of complex topics, so having the right materials can help you better understand concepts, practice solving problems, and ultimately do well for your exams. This blog post aims to outline some of the best places to find H2 Chemistry resources.


The textbook provided by the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-Level) syllabus is a must-have for any H2 Chemistry student. Published by Marshall Cavendish, it contains detailed explanations of topics, worked examples, and practice questions. It is your one-stop reference material. You can purchase the latest edition from local bookstores.

Tuition Notes

Many tuition centres in Singapore provide comprehensive notes tailored specifically for the H2 Chemistry syllabus. These notes condense key learning points, examples, and tips into an easy-to-understand format. Popular tuition notes brands include Trend, Meridian, Method, and more. Check their websites to purchase soft or hard copies of the notes.

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Online Resources

There is a wealth of H2 Chemistry study material available online as well. Websites like YouTube, ChemGuru, and TutorVista host video lecture series covering the entire syllabus. Websites like ProjectChemistry and Master Organic Chemistry provide additional explanation and practice questions. For last-minute revision, sites like Seneca Learning offer interactive quizzes and flashcards.

Mobile Apps

On-the-go learning is made possible through educational apps. Apps like Anthropic’s A-Level Chemistry provide topic overviews, questions, and flashcards for revision anywhere. For organic chemistry specifically, apps like Master Organic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry As A Second Language use diagrams and interactive tools to reinforce naming conventions.

Tuition Centres

Attending supplementary tuition classes is another effective way to learn. Experienced tutors at centres like Method, Trend, and Bright Culture provide personalized teaching of difficult concepts, guidance on tackling different question types, and feedback on homework. Some centres also offer yearly study packages.

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Discussion Forums

Online H2 Chemistry discussion communities allow students to crowdsource answers from peers. Popular forums in Singapore include websites like Reddit and Telegram groups. Here, students can post questions and get explanations, or help clarify other students’ doubts. Just be wary of misinformation.

Where to Find A-Level H2 Chemistry Resources

In conclusion, having a variety of quality study materials is key to success in H2 Chemistry. Make full use of textbooks, tuition notes, online resources as well as tuition classes to support your learning journey throughout the two years.Bright Culture is a leading tuition centre in Singapore specializing in secondary school and pre-university subjects like A-Level Chemistry. Our experienced tutors have helped countless students optimize their study methods and achieve top grades in A level H chemistry. Contact us today to find out how our personalized tuition programmes and high-quality teaching materials can boost your H2 Chemistry learning. We look forward to guiding you towards exam success!