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Hi everyone, I am Hendra Wong,  O and A Level Chemistry Tutor at Bright Culture. Some students and parents come to me and ask “Hey Hendra, why can’t I perform well for A Level Chemistry? I failed my promos badly and for some other tests, I couldn’t get more than 50%. Do I need a very bright mind or a very smart brain to perform well? No guys, it is not the only factor we need. There are two main things we need in order to be better.


The first one, is a bright plan, and the second one, is an effective study culture

From the past many years, I have observed that some students don t have enough practice and thus cannot perform well for the exams. Now, we summarize the effective study culture into 3 things.


3 Things You Must Do

So, these are the 3 things that every JC student should do in order to perform better.

Step 1, when you start a new chapter in school, you need to read and understand every single page from the school lecture notes. It s a bit too long sometimes, and honestly, sometimes you will feel a bit bored, but no choice. We have to do that.

Step 2, summarize the main point from every chapter. So, when you do revision, you just need to go to the main points. Simple and fast.

In Step 3, the most important thing we need to do is sufficient practice. You need to complete all questions from your school tutorial, and after that try past year exam papers including prelim, promos and TYS questions. If it s still not enough, even better, get some questions from many other different books.

So, the main point now is that we need to have sufficient practice. Because from the past years, the students who did sufficient practice, for example, in one week, they did sufficient questions, so in the two-hour tuition session will spend discussing all the questions they need to ask. This kind of student usually performs well for the A-Levels (Click here for the A-Level exam schedule). So, do your part, and good luck.

Okay, everyone, I am Hendra Wong, A and O Level Chemistry Tutor at Bright Culture, and see you at the next lesson. For A Levels Chemistry Tuition in Singapore, visit www.bright-culture.com/a-level-chemistry-tuition