How Chemistry Tuition Helps to Get Good Grades

Learning about chemistry can be tough, but if you’re committed to it, your grades will soon become higher because chemistry tuition can make a really big difference.


Gradual learning

Chemistry is a great example of a science which doesn’t allow you to skip anything, and where there’s no shortcut to success. When you’re trying to comprehend a certain lesson or a topic, you have to go forward step by step.


Chemistry Tuition for o level students


By doing so, you cover everything, the basics, the problem solving, answering questions, doing homework, and so on. When you’re doing all that you actually improving your knowledge on the subject and that is reflected on your grades. But this doesn’t just apply to Chemistry. If you follow the same steps that you use in chemistry learning, you will get pretty much the same results in other fields.

There is no shortcut to success but studying hard! Learn bit by bit, and soon Chemistry will be an easy subject.


The extra practice makes perfect

Another great boost for your grades will come from practice. In Chemistry, you constantly have to practice and improve your skills. After some time, practicing by consistently doing your chemistry homework and reading your notes will come to you naturally, with daily practice.

A good chemistry tuition teacher makes a habit of giving out easy-to-read notes, like our special chemistry notes and doing consistent practice on weak topics during lessons.

This is simply creating a habit of studying and practicing every day, and that, of course, is increasing your knowledge, and your grades, of course. This may not seem important at first glance, but when you get into the habit of studying, it won’t be such a bothering.



practice makes perfect

You can create your own schedule, but make sure you commit to it. It’s already mentioned that you have to go step by step, but continuity/consistency is also very important. The old adage about practice making perfect is cliche, but really true. That’s why we say it so often.


The satisfaction you feel from doing well

One of the greatest benefits while studying chemistry is the satisfaction you get when you fully understand a certain lesson. It’s not an instant gratification sort of satisfaction, but it can be extremely rewarding when you fully master a topic and feel ready for the big chemistry exam.

In fact, it even trains you to work for long-term gratification, and goals, which creates a larger positive impact on you than short-term instant gratification (which is bad for you in the long run) 


marshmallow PARKX86


Such a satisfaction has a snowball effect and naturally leads to you working harder for other subjects, which in turn further pays off by delivering excellent results. Ever heard of the famous marshmallow experiment on instant gratification? It’s the same concept.


Increasing your research skill

Sometimes, in the process of learning chemistry, you may become stuck at a particular concept you just don’t seem to understand. In order to move forward, you have to seek alternative sources of information apart from your books and the stuff you’ve heard in Chemistry class.

If you go to Chemistry tuition, that opens up a whole new avenue in which you can ask your pressing questions and get a full answer from your chemistry tutor, who likely has more time for you than your school teacher.

Being resourceful enough to ask your Chemistry tutor to clarify your doubts increases your research skill, and gets your questions answered without any doubt.


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If you’re studying by yourself and can’t seem to understand your topic, turn to your chemistry tutor, your “research source”.

Here you can meet, Mr Joel Liu who can help to improve your chemistry research skills


Making sure you’re really understanding your notes

One of the most important things to commit to memory about chemistry is that you don’t have to spend so much time studying it; it’s much more important how you study. However, a lot of students forget this and try cramming last minute, instead of taking measured steps with a chemistry tuition teacher.

This may not seem like an immediate time-saver, but in the long run, it will really save you time by jumpstarting your progress.

In addition, by yourself, you can easily cheat on your chemistry revision just by doing the 10 easiest questions and calling it a day, instead of trying chemistry questions of differing difficulties. If you have a chemistry tutor, they will give you questions catered to your difficulty level, so it’s much harder to “cheat” through it and hence cheat yourself out of practice.


happy excited young woman using a virtual reality B7UNE2Z


Studying for Chemistry exams is not like playing video games – you cannot simply cheat by doing easier questions to win.


Accepting less-than-perfect grades.

In chemistry, you can never know everything. So don’t try to be a perfectionist and try to learn absolutely everything. No one is perfect, and there will never be a perfect person. You have to aim for perfection, but if you can’t remember absolutely everything in your lesion don’t be discouraged. When it comes to grading you, no one will request a perfect knowledge from you.

Chemistry can show you that if you have an understanding of the topic you’re studying, one small irrelevant fact that you maybe don’t know right now, or you simply can’t remember, won’t affect your grade. Keep in mind, when it comes to chemistry, you can’t fool anyone by cheating. If you know something and you show it, no one can accuse you that you haven’t earned your grade.

bad chemistry marks

Sometimes, good grades are just hard to get. A Chemistry tutor can encourage you over that hump.

Here in Bright-Culture you can improve your grade in less time at affordable price.


Giving you better study management tips

Very, the very important thing we have to mention, even though it may seem redundant, is taking a break. If you’re pushing yourself too hard it will result with an opposite effect from the one you want to accomplish. Studying without a break and rest can cause a big mix up in your head, especially if you’re trying to learn different subjects at the same time.

In chemistry, it’s easy to get confused, and if you fall into that confusion pit, it’s hard to climb back up, maybe even harder than starting from scratch. Now, picture yourself on an exam, you have the knowledge, but you don’t have the order in your head and you can’t implement that knowledge. What will be the result? Down goes your grade, but maybe more important, down goes your motivation. Meet Ms. Hazel to help you in managing your study tips and tricks


More chemistry tips and tricks

If you wish to study more chemistry tips and tricks well, you need to pick up only one chapter at a time and study it well.
Here are more tips and tricks that you can apply to improve your chemistry as well as other subjects.

  • Get your foundation right
  • Learn important concepts
  • practice and understand the reactions
  • Get your doubts solved immediately


chemistry tuition for o level


7 Organic chemistry tips and tricks

Organic chemistry is the study of properties, structures, composition, reactions, and preparation of carbon-containing compounds, which include only hydrogen but large number of compounds that contains other elements such, nitrogen, oxygen, and magnesium.

The most well known tips and tricks of organic chemistry that you should use are:

  • Review deeply organic chemistry basics before your first class
  • Make organic chemistry your top priority
  • Form study groups and keep continue discussions
  • Ask a lot of questions from teachers and friends
  • Don not simply memorize; learn and seek to understand
  • Learn from mistakes you make in the lab and class
  • Give yourself the credit you deserve
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Here you can meet your chemistry teacher, Mr Joel Liu