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Best O level A Level, JC and H2 Chemistry Tuition in Singapore!

We offer the best O Level, A level, JC and H2 Chemistry tuition in Singapore since 2015 with NEA-APPROVED CHEMISTRY LAB facilities. Excel in chemistry with our expert Chemistry tutors.

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Chemistry Made Easy

Jump 3-5 Grades Quickly & Get Into Your Dream JC/Poly!

Ms. Bernice served as the school’s Subject Level Coordinator of Lower Sec Science and Subject Level Coordinator of Chemistry. Her mission was to simplify complex Chemistry concepts, making the subject more enjoyable. 

Students found their study time significantly reduced and are confident to tackle even the most challenging Chemistry questions.

Over 90% of our +875 students jump 3-5 grades & get into their dream JC/Poly.

Real Results From Real Students


Hear it from one of our students, Alex, how our teachers made him feel valued as a student, giving him the confidence to do well.


Zainab shares how our structured lessons and passionate teachers helped her pass her mid-year exams for the first time


Mrs Clara Poh shares how our fun, interactive classes helped her daughter to be more confident in Chemistry and ace her tests.

Actual Results For O Levels..

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Why Bright Culture Is The Right Tuition Centre For You


We motivate students to achieve their best

Our friendly and experienced Chemistry Tutors motivate and inspire students to give 100% and score their dream grades! Our stringent selection and training process ensure we only work with highly qualified educators. Our tutors mentor students to A1, A2 or B3 and get into their dream schools!


KEY CONCEPTS, Summary Notes, Cheatsheets & Other Learning Resources

Instead of countless textbooks, Ten Year Series and school worksheets, we summarise all key concepts and formulas of each chapter into useful summary notes. Imagine 2 years of materials, condensed into just 20+ pages. Your child will find it less intimidating to pick up their notes and get started.


NEA Approved Chemistry Lab

Bright Culture is one of the few chemistry tuition centres in Singapore with a NEA approved chemistry practical lab. Chemistry practical contributes to 20% of the paper but is often neglected as students don’t have access to a lab. This gives our students an advantage in the O Levels!


Online Learning Portal FOR All Students

Our lessons are recorded and uploaded online for students to revise at their own pace if they have any doubts. Our notes, materials, tougher questions and quizzes, are also uploaded online for easy reference.


Cool concept notes & Other Teaching materials to make learning easy

Instead of dull black & white notes, our in-house designed full colour, concise chemistry textbook aids memory and pattern recognition by breaking down tough concepts into easy to understand steps.


Well Trained Teachers, Proven Methodology & Structured Teaching Curriculum

We have a team of dedicated, experienced teachers using a well-structured curriculum and effective materials. Every single lesson is carefully planned to deliver the best learning experience for our students.

About Bright Culture - Good Chemistry Tuition Near You

Bright Culture is a trusted tuition centre in Singapore. We educate and inspire our students to maximise their potential whether it is Lower Secondary Science Tuition or A Levels Chemistry Tuition, not just in school but in life, and we’re doing it by making learning fun, and being their mentor to guide them along the way.

A little tip here, a little nudge there. Like Mr. Miyagi and the Karate Kid, who despite all odds, managed to conquer his inner fears and emerge victorious.

Like Yoda and Luke Skywalker.

Bright Culture breaks down our years of wisdom, experience and know-how into interactive lessons, bite-sized content through notes and e-books, and bootcamps—so our community of students can learn effectively.

Everyone’s journey is unique.

Only one thing remains the same — No matter how daunting the challenge, we will always be there for our students. Cheering them on as our heroes emerge victorious not only in school but in life. That is the Bright Culture we seek for our students.

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Testimonials From O & A Level Students in Singapore

Ong Qian Ying
Ong Qian Ying
I think the crash course was of amazing help. I barely have any chances to practice my practicals in school and was quite worried. However, after coming for the crash course, I'm not only more clear with the skills I need and points I need to take note of, I am also more confident with my practical now. Anyone who needs a practical booster, this is definitely for you! Thanks so much.
- I have learnt to be patient during titration experiment - I love completing my experiment and finishing the worksheet - My friends at school
the teachers explained each step with great detail, and showed the steps of titration really clearly. i learnt a lot 🔥🔥
William Lim
William Lim
very engaging, caring and helpful teachers.
Kayden Keng
Kayden Keng
mr ashley is funny and nice. he made mole concept easier for me. i would ask my friends to join this tuiton.
I was able to strengthen my concept for all my sec3 and 4 topics and now I am able to tackle the difficult questions. I will recommend my juniors or whoever who needs help for chemistry here!
Daren Leng
Daren Leng
Amazing.10/10 learning experience l.This has helped me with many concepts that I couldn't understand until now.Strongly recommend for those weak at chemistry.
Great tuition. Improved on my foundations on chemistry in a fun and easy way. Would recommend.10/10
Avan Seah
Avan Seah
I understand the concepts very well now

Our Schedules & Fees

Bright Culture is a Trusted O & A Level JC/H2 Chemistry Tuition Centre in Singapore. Over 90% of our students jump multiple grades quickly, score A1-B3 and get into their dream JC/Poly!


Lower Secondary Science Tuition

$298 Per 4 Lessons
✔ 2 hours for each lesson
✔ Build up strong foundations, master the fundamentals of Science, score 3-5 grades higher!


Secondary 3 Chemistry Tuition

$338 Per 4 Lessons
✔ 2 hours for each lesson
✔ Build solid foundations in Chemistry, jump 3-5 grades quickly and score A1-B3 for O level.


Secondary 4 Chemistry Tuition

$348 Per 4 Lessons
✔ 2 hours for each lesson
✔ Make rapid progress in Chemistry, score A1-B3 & get into your dream JC/Poly!


JC 1 & JC 2 Chemistry Tuition

$368 Per 4 Lessons
✔ 2 hours for each lesson
✔ Improve grades quickly, jump multiple grades and ace your A-level H2 Chemistry!


Best Chemistry Tuition Centre That Covers Singapore-Cambridge GCE O & A Level Syllabus


Yes, we offer a free trial for students to see if they like our Science and Chemistry lessons before committing to monthly lessons.

There are pros and cons of each option. For home tutors, you get the flexibility and convenience of tutors coming to your place. This saves a lot of time for students. However, choosing the right tutor out of the thousands of available home tutors can be a hassle. At Bright Culture, we are committed for the long term, provide our proprietary notes and practice papers, and specialise in O Level Chemistry Tuition. We are focused and determined to provide all the support that we can!

Our Chemistry Tutors are definitely well qualified and highly experienced. Many of them have more than 10+ years of experience and some were former JC lecturers in Singapore MOE schools.


Yes! Our Novena branch is conveniently located near Novena MRT. This means that if you are looking for chemistry tuition in places like Bishan, Toa Payoh, Yio Chu Kang and Ang Mo Kio, it is just a few MRT stops away!

MRT Stations within 15 minutes of Novena MRT

  • Toa Payoh
  • Braddell
  • Bishan
  • Ang Mo Kio
  • Yio Chu Kang
  • Newton
  • Orchard
  • Somerset
  • Dhoby Ghaut
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Stevens
  • Little India

To get to Novena, you have a few options. You can hop on the MRT and take the train to Novena station which is in a central location in Singapore. If you’re driving, just input “Bright Culture” into your GPS for easy navigation.

Novena is also a bustling area known for its medical facilities, shopping hubs like Novena Square & United Square and being an education hub with many tuition centres and enrichment centres in the vicinity. 

Novena Branch – this would be the most convenient branch if you stay at these locations

  • Ang Mo Kio
  • Serangoon
  • Bishan
  • Toa Payoh
  • Hougang
  • Novena
  • Bukit Timah
  • Ponggol
  • Sengkang

Novena is a short MRT ride away from these locations. Alternatively, attend our online lessons!

Yes we offer online tuition lessons for students that prefer to learn from the comforts of their own home. Our online lessons are conducted with Zoom and students can ask questions any time.

A good 1-1 chemistry tutor typically costs between $90-120/hr, but our group classes are more affordable. 


We have closely followed MOE’s guidelines on Safe Management Measures to ensure our teachers and students are able to learn in a safe environment.

More information on the Safe Management Measures can be found here

Yes, they definitely are! Many of our students prefer attending online and many have attended our online tuition lessons for years.

For the most updated fees, do leave your contact and we’ll message you our latest fees.

We are located at Goldhill, which is a few minutes walk from nearby Novena MRT. It’s a central location which makes it really convenient! Alternatively, we also have online lessons for students who stay further away. We’ll courier notes to you on a regular basis.

Yes, there are plenty of food options nearby at United Square, Velocity @ Novena Square or Square 2. Alternatively, Orchard Road MRT & Newton Hawker Centre is just 1-2 MRT stops down!

At Bright Culture Tuition Centre, we are committed to providing excellent chemistry tuition to O and A-level students.  Our weekly classes are specially designed to help Secondary &  JC1 and JC2 students excel in their chemistry. Bright Culture Tuition Centre is committed to fueling your success in the O & A level chemistry exams. Our exceptional team of tutors, tailored curriculum, and state-of-the-art chemistry lab make us the best choice for students seeking excellence in O level and A level chemistry. Discover why we’re the leading chemistry tuition center near you, dedicated to helping you achieve your academic goals.

We offer tuition lessons for IP Chemistry, O & A Level (H2) Chemistry & Lower Sec Science.  Our dedicated chemistry teachers covers the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O & A-level chemistry Syllabus. If you are looking for a good chemistry tuition centre near you, look no further, we’re located near you.

Yes, we cover Singapore-Cambridge GCE O & A-level chemistry Syllabus. We been providing the best chemistry tuition in Singapore for O-level, A-level, IP, and JC H2 students since 2015. We have NEA-approved Chemistry Lab for hands-on practice for experiments like titration, qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical substances. We motivate students to be confident, happy learners and 93.5% of our students improve four grades or more for A & O Levels Chemistry. Our tutors are real chemistry gurus who deliver the best results consistently through our engaging and effective chemistry lesson plans.