IP Classes in Singapore

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Introduction to IP Classes

Embark on a comprehensive exploration of Integrated Programme – IP classes in Singapore are the specialized educational track designed to offer enriched and advanced learning experiences.

IP Classes: An Overview

Suitable for Both IP and O'Level Students

Our classes are tailored to accommodate both IP students and those preparing for the O’Level examinations.

Tailored Resources for IP Students

Our curriculum includes resources with higher-order thinking questions specifically designed to challenge and engage IP students.

Experienced IP Syllabus Teachers

Our dedicated teaching staff possesses experience and expertise in the IP syllabus, ensuring effective guidance for IP students.

IP Classes

IP Year and Secondary Level Equivalents

Year 1 and Secondary 1:

IP Year 1 and Secondary 1 correspond, sharing the same syllabus and academic content.

Year 2 and Secondary 2:

IP Year 2 and Secondary 2 align in curriculum, ensuring seamless progression for IP students.

Year 3 and Secondary 3:

IP Year 3 and Secondary 3 maintain synchronization, fostering continuity in learning experiences.

Year 4 and Secondary 4:

IP Year 4 and Secondary 4 mirror each other, emphasizing a consistent educational journey.


Addressing IP-Specific Needs

IP Syllabus Similarity:

While the syllabus for IP and O’Level students is the same, IP students face higher-order and application thinking questions.

Catering to IP Students:

Our resources are curated to cater to the intellectual needs of IP students, offering a platform for advanced exploration.

Experience and Success:

With experienced teachers well-versed in the IP syllabus, our centre has witnessed the academic success of IP students.

Benefits of Our IP Classes

Excellence in IP Education:

Our IP classes are tailored to elevate learning experiences, promoting critical thinking and academic excellence.

Seamless Transition:

IP students can smoothly transition between secondary level, benefiting from a continuous and enriched educational journey.

Proven Results:

Our centre boasts successful IP students who have thrived academically, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach.

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Integrated Programme classes in Singapore offer a unique educational pathway for students seeking enriched and challenging learning experiences. With tailored resources, experienced teachers, and a focus on higher-order thinking, our centre is dedicated to fostering the academic growth and success of IP students.

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