How To Choose A Science Tuition Center For PSLE

how to choose a Science PSLE Tuition in Singapore for your child to get better grads

An article on Asia One reports a statistic that seems shocking at first: our tuition industry alone is worth more than 1 billion Singapore dollars, in Singapore alone. However, when we remember that the amount of students going to tuition outweighs the number of students not going to tuition, that statistic is no longer that surprising anymore. With increasingly difficult PSLE Science examinations, students often find themselves swamped with homework they just can’t figure out how to do without tuition help. Tuition is now, more than ever, a necessity. Therefore, as parents, it is important that we know how to find the right Science tuition center to aid our children’s learning as much as we can.

science tuition center
science tuition center

Ever wondered how to find a good science tuition center for your child who is in Primary 5 or 6 and taking the Science PSLE this year or the next? After all, there are just so many tuition centers out there, and it’s tough to tell which is great, good, or downright bad. Here’s our guide on what we think are the most important factors in choosing a science tuition center that’s right for your child.

1. Tuition class size.

Ever wondered why class size is so important? In your child’s school Science class, there are often 30 to 40 students all competing for the teacher’s attention all at once, making it very hard to learn. With a smaller class, students will find it easier to get their questions answered, and teachers will be able to cater to each student’s individual needs more easily. Also, not all the students will keep up with the teacher’s pace, as some students may need additional explanation to understand more complex Science concepts, or just feel uncomfortable if the teacher is going too fast.

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In other words, a smaller class size means that your child will receive more individual attention to their preferred speed of learning, and hence experience a more conducive learning environment. In large classrooms, there is a frustration for both sides. For teachers, it is in the form of managing such a large group, and for students, it is in the form of getting their individual doubts cleared. A small class size mitigates these two issues and ensures that your child will experience a more stress-free and educational time in Science class! Our Sec 2 Science tuition lessons are a perfect example.

2. The tuition center’s/tuition teacher’s credentials

Next up, we will want to look at the tutor’s background. For the most part, you’ll find that teachers and ex-teachers will be the most effective tutors, given their professional training in teaching. An ex-teacher has the industry experience and ‘feel’ that other tutor may lack. Furthermore, experienced tutors will be more able to impart knowledge quickly and efficiently due to their intimate knowledge of the education industry’s current standards. Even if they are not current MOE teachers, many of them are still up to date and very familiar with MOE’s Science PSLE trends. And what’s more, we all want to predict examination questions correctly.¬† All in all, the tutor’s background is a very important point to consider when choosing a tuition center if you want the most experienced teacher possible to teach your child. Our bio tutor shows you just how important it is to be experienced.

3. How good is the tutor teaching your child is.

Some tutors may be highly reviewed by other teachers and students as clear and easy to understand, but your child might not be able to understand the tutor at all. Some tuition centers, like Bright Culture offer trial classes to parents who want to have their child to go for just one class to try and see if the environment and teacher would be a good fit for their child.

tuition center for science
tuition center for science

A big bonus would be if a tutor is able to connect with your child on a personal level. A truly good tutor doesn’t simply teach, he/she also connects with his students! He motivates them and cheers them on. There is no limit to what a student can achieve if he has someone rooting for them and pushing them on along the way, especially at the age when your child’s interests and personality are really starting to develop and take off. A good ability to connect builds trust and confidence, helping students and teachers to work in tandem as an effective team to help the student achieve the best grades they can possibly get. Indeed, the benefits of having a tutor that can truly touch the hearts of students are immense.

4. Notes

In choosing a Science tuition center, it’s also good to know what type of notes will be issued, and even better if the tuition center has samples for you and your child to look at. Are they made personally by the tutors? Are they specific to that particular tuition center? In general, notes that are self-made tend to be of a higher quality. Not only that, but since they are likely to only be circulated within the tuition center itself, they will give your child an extra edge due to these super secret notes! After all, he/she will have notes that other students don’t!

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Also, look out for notes that are brightly colored and attractively made. This indicates that the tutor or tuition center has put much time and effort into looking into the best ways and strategies for students to learn, which means their notes are also likely of high quality.

Research has shown that attractively presented things increase memory retention, and will definitely help your child remember the contents of the Science PSLE preparation notes. Not only do they boost memorization, attractive notes will also subconsciously help your child want to study, as they are colorful and fun, not black and white, like how dull some of their school notes can look.

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