O Level MCQ Revision




We’re so close to the end of the O level race! Just the MCQs left for the science subjects.

You don’t see Olympic sprinters slowing down near the finish line. Instead they push even harder and finish strong to achieve their best because slowing down near the end could mean the difference between 1st and last

I often see students slowing down before the MCQ paper but we should power through and give our best in the MCQ paper and have no regrets!

MCQ Revision Session
  • Revise the key concepts and questions that appear almost every year in the O Level MCQ paper.
  • Get tips on how to score for MCQ that are not found in textbooks or assessment books!
  • Avoid the common mistakes students ALWAYS make (this is worth 3-5 marks at least)
  • How to choose the right answer if you get stuck and don’t even know what topic the question is asking
  • This one key principle to score in your MCQ paper – students who don’t do well for MCQ paper usually mess this up.
Maximize your chances of scoring 40/40 & recover from the marks you’ve dropped in Paper 2 with this Intensive O Level MCQ Revision session!
Date: 6th Nov 2021 (Sat)
Time: 1-3pm
Location: Online Zoom session
Price: $87 net