5 things that happen in Mr. Joel Liu’s Chemistry Tuition Class!

Here are 5 reasons why Mr. Joel Liu’s chemistry tuition classes are like no other in Singapore!




1) He’ll give motivational speeches that puts Mel Gibson to shame!

Ever wished your child was self motivated enough to study for exams? Mr. Joel Liu will do the tough part for you. From his experience, motivated students really do produce the best results. During his chemistry tuition class, he’ll motivate his students to be confident and ready for their exams!


Mel Gibson chemistry quotes


2) He’ll crack some jokes

Not all his jokes are funny. Some will fall flat. But it helps create an engaging and entertaining environment for his students. It makes them look forward to chemistry tuition class, meaning you’ll never see them dragging themselves to secondary or JC chemistry tuition class!


3) Make tough chemistry concepts easy

In between all the motivational talks and jokes, he does teach some chemistry. With his proprietary (only available at Bright Culture) notes, students will learn and remember tough chemistry concepts. That is why so many of his students have done well during exams! Don’t believe? See for yourself here

To check out a sample of Bright Culture chemistry notes, click here!


4) He’s a part-time Aunt Agony

His students trust him enough to confide in him when they have problems. When they’re stressed over their O Levels or A Levels exams, when they can’t balance their chemical equations, or simply when their wifi is down, he reassures them that hey, the Singtel guy will be there really soon!

5) Build friendships that last a lifetime

After going through tough exam periods with his students, Mr Joel Liu will build lifetime friendships with his students and many of them still keep in contact with him after exams. That’s how much they treasure him!


friends high fiving

As you can see, our Chemistry Tuition Classes are like no other in Singapore. Hurry and sign up now!