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Bright Culture offers affordable classrooms at convenient locations for rent.

About Us

Bright Culture

We offer chemistry classes at our centre and not all our classrooms are used every hour on every day basis. We offer tutors who are looking for classroom rentals at an affordable rate!



183B Thomson Road

Goldhill Centre

Singapore 307628

(5 mins walk from Novena MRT)

Attractive Features


Our classroom rental costs are based on hourly or monthly rental basis that suits you the most.


Equipments are well-maintained regularly


Located nearby MRT Stations and/or Bus-Stops.


Our centre provides highs speed Wi-Fi connection for teachers and students. 


Capacity of each classroom rental space are about 4 to 16 students. 

Classroom Size

Our newly-painged classrooms are available at various sizes.

Why rent with us?

Reduced Cost

Putting up your own tuition center or learning center can cost you tens of thousands of dollars on the rent alone. You have to factor in all the equipment you have to set up in the facility aside from the maintenance expenses.

Our classroom rental rates are fixed rate for every hour of usage. You can also book it for a week or a month of use with discounted rates.

Income Generation is Quicker

Through rented classrooms, teachers, tutors, and business owners can earn right away instead of spending too much money on starting a new physical tutorial center.

Renting a classroom is a great way to start off a tutorial business without the hassles and stress.

Low Risk for Beginner Tutors/Teachers

Teachers or tutors need not spend on renovation and new furnishings. All they have to do is pay a fixed rate, go to work, and earn. Utilities are also provided as part of the payment.

The equipment to use are all advanced and top of the line which may be next to impossible for teachers who are starting out on a new tutorial business venture. 

Professional and Highly Academic

Conducting a tutorial session in a state of the art classroom raises its standards on professionalism compared to conducting it in every residence. There are also more academic supplementary lessons and activities that can be discussed within a rented classroom. The atmosphere is more academic which helps learners to be more focused.

What are the operating hours?

All our classrooms at our centre is not utilised every hour on everyday basis. You are able to rent the classrooms at any time that you prefer to conduct the classes. 

How to arrange for a viewing appointment?

Kindly do text us at +65 9187 0820 for a viewing appointment or any queries that you may have and we are more than happy to assist you.

What facilities do you offer?

Our classrooms are fully air-conditioned. We also have a high-speed internet available upon request for the teachers. Rest assured that our classrooms are well-equipped with whiteboards, markers and etc.

What are the tuition rates?

Our rates differ in terms of classroom size and if you’re utilising it on weekdays or weekends. You may WhatsApp us at +65 9187 0820 to further discuss about the rates.

Do you offer hourly rates or monthly rates?

Yes, we do offer hourly and monthly rates depending on your usage. 

Could I come down early to prepare for classes?

If the classroom is not utlized before your class, you may come down early to prepare for your class. 

I have other other questions.

Kindly do WhatsApp us at +65 9187 0820 and we will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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If you’re interested to further discuss about our prices, please contact us at +65 9187 0820.