how to handle stress

How to Handle Stress Before Examinations | Read to Know!

Students have to face a lot of stress, especially during the O level and A Level exam periods. It is important for them to manage stress in order to succeed in their exams. Failing to deal with stress can even lead to health conditions.

how to handle stress
how to handle stress

From this article, we will show you some steps to handle stress in a convenient manner. Ask your children to follow them during the exam season in order to stay healthy, relaxed, and raring to go take their exams.

Take regular breaks.

It would be best if you asked your kids to take regular breaks during their study sessions. It will help them to stay away from stress and memorize what they learn in an effective way. During these study breaks, you can think of allocating time for activities that your children love to do. Your kid would prefer to play computer games, watch television and engage in sports, so you can think of allocating a specific time slot for such activities.

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Research has shown that regular exercise is the best way to stay alert before and during a study session. In addition, it also produces hormones that keep stress levels low, allowing your child to keep cool for longer.

However, you should not allow them to engage with those activities for too long because they need to give more priority to their revision.
From recent studies, such study breaks will give your child the opportunity to refresh mentally. Think of a balloon as an example. You need a little pressure to inflate it, but if you apply too much pressure, it will burst. Stress is also like that. It needs to be maintained at an appropriate level.

You should never allow your child to study continuously for many hours. The brain needs rest to function correctly. It is better to ask your children to take a five-minute break after every 30-minute studying session. They will then be able to understand difficult concepts in a better way.

Eat and Sleep Normally

Many children do not eat and sleep properly during the exam season. This can contribute a lot to stress. The children should never change their ordinary lifestyle during the exam season. As a parent, it is your duty to check whether they eat and sleep on time during exam days.

Instead of burning the midnight oil the night before exams, advise them to turn in early and have a great night’s rest before exams. When your child is sleeping, the brain is actually working to consolidate memories of all that they have studied. Rest is also extremely important for you to manage your stress levels. If your kids do not have a good night’s sleep, they will not be able to stay fresh during the exam and they will not be able to face the paper well.

Answer All Your Child’s Doubts

It is common for students to be stressed before examinations as they are still unfamiliar with certain tough concepts, like titration in chemistry or mechanical physics. It is extremely beneficial for them to clarify all doubts before their exams. They can study with their peers in groups, arrange for a session with their teacher in their school or have a consultation with their tuition teachers.

Motivate Your Child

Ask your child to write down a list of things that he prefers to do after the exam. This can motivate him to face the exam with confidence and engage in those activities without any hassle after the exam. This motivation can reduce their stress by a significant amount as they look forward to their favorite post-exam activities.

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The effectiveness of the above-mentioned steps is proven by years of experience and you can try them! It will give your child the opportunity to stay away from stress and face the exam with confidence and ace their examinations!

Rewarding your child for good grades is a form of positive reinforcement and encourages them to do even better for future exams.