Mole Concept Part 1

Transcript – Mole Concept Part 1

This is part 1 out of 2 of the Mole Concept topic.

In this video, Chemistry Tutor teaches us what the three important Mole Concept formulas are.

For many students, when they see Mole Concept numbers, they tend to panic because they are not used to seeing numbers in Chemistry. However, it is very simple, and you just need to know three formulas to calculate moles and solve questions.

First formula is: Number of moles=Mass / Mr (Mr refers to the molecular mass of an element or compound)

Second formula is: Number of moles of gas = Volume/ 24 dm3 or Number of moles of gas = Volume / 24 000 cm3

This formula can only be used when gaseous elements are involved.

Third (and last) formula: Number of Moles = Concentration x Volume/Concentration ONLY applies to aqueous solutions.

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