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salt preparation

Salt Preparation

Transcript – Salt Preparation Watch our O level Chemistry Tutor, explain the science and methodology behind Salt Preparation. Salt Prep is the science of how and when to prepare salts. There are only two types of salts: Soluble Salts and Insoluble Salts. These salts can be further subdivided into three groups. First group: All soluble …

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Transcription-Metals Watch one of our Chemistry tutors explain the topic of Metals. Metals may seem like a large and intimidating subject, but it is actually fairly simple. The most important thing one needs to know is just the Metal Reactivity series. METAL REACTIVITY SERIES: MOST REACTIVE: Please (Potassium) Send (Sodium) Cats (Calcium) Monkeys (Magnesium) And …

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Mole Concept Part 2

Transcription-Mole Concept Part 2 In this video, Chemistry Tutor goes more in depth about the topic of Mole Concept. This is part 2 out of 2 of the Mole Concept topic. First formula is: Number of moles=Mass / Mr (Mr refers to the molecular mass of an element or compound) Second formula is: Number of …

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Mole Concept Part 1

Transcript – Mole Concept Part 1 This is part 1 out of 2 of the Mole Concept topic. In this video, Chemistry Tutor teaches us what the three important Mole Concept formulas are. For many students, when they see Mole Concept numbers, they tend to panic because they are not used to seeing numbers in …

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