Salt Preparation

Transcript – Salt Preparation

Watch our O level Chemistry Tutor, Mr Joel explain the science and methodology behind Salt Preparation.

Salt Prep is the science of how and when to prepare salts. There are only two types of salts: Soluble Salts and Insoluble Salts.

These salts can be further subdivided into three groups.

First group: All soluble with NO exceptions.

Nitrate salts are SOLUBLE with no exceptions.

ALL Group I metal salts are SOLUBLE

ALL are Group I metals together with another anion are SOLUBLE ALL ammonium metal salts are SOLUBLE. Second group: Soluble WITH exceptions. All sulfates excluding Calcium, lead and barium (CLB)are soluble. All halides are soluble EXCEPT silver and lead. (Halides are Group VII ions) And the last group: ALL oxides,hydroxides and carbonates are insoluble, with the exception of Group I metals.

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