salt preparation

Salt Preparation

Transcript – Salt Preparation

Watch our O level Chemistry Tutor, explain the science and methodology behind Salt Preparation.

Salt Prep is the science of how and when to prepare salts. There are only two types of salts: Soluble Salts and Insoluble Salts.

These salts can be further subdivided into three groups.

First group: All soluble with NO exceptions.

Nitrate salts are SOLUBLE with no exceptions.

ALL Group I metal salts are SOLUBLE

ALL are Group I metals together with another anion are SOLUBLE ALL ammonium metal salts are SOLUBLE. Second group: Soluble WITH exceptions. All sulfates excluding Calcium, lead and barium (CLB)are soluble. All halides are soluble EXCEPT silver and lead. (Halides are Group VII ions) And the last group: ALL oxides,hydroxides and carbonates are insoluble, with the exception of Group I metals.

salt preparation
salt preparation

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