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Who are we

Bright Culture was started by 2 friends who met in Junior College with a simple aim in mind.

Our aim is to maximise the potential of all our students, not just in school but in life. In our Chemistry Tuition lessons or our Science Tuition classes

Our students are our heroes.

In their journey to the exams, we’re just the mentor or the guide to help them along the way.

A little tip here, a little nudge there.

Just like Mr. Miyagi and the Karate Kid, who despite all odds, managed to conquer his inner fears and emerge victorious.

Like Yoda and Luke Skywalker.

All our years of wisdom, experience and know-how is passed to our students.

Every hero’s journey is unique.

Only one thing remains the same.

No matter how daunting the challenge they must overcome, no matter how high the mountain they must climb, we will always be there for our students.

Cheering them on as our heroes emerge victorious not only in school, but in life. That is the Bright Culture we seek for our students.

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