Why Your Child Needs Chemistry Tuition

Chemistry is all around us. Even when we’re doing something simple as breathing we’re creating chemical processes in our bodies. We can’t live without food and water and they are both made out of molecules that are made from atoms. Despite the importance of chemistry, the subject itself is not so popular with children. That’s mainly because children are taught from the start that chemistry is a big bad wolf that will devour you as soon as you get closer to it. It’s one of the biggest misleading lies for anyone who’s just starting to get familiar with chemistry. Let’s try to break those stereotypes and answer some questions that can show you that chemistry is not bad, not bad at all.

Below is the list of why your child needs chemistry tuition.

1. Can chemistry help my child in everyday life?

Of course, it can! Most children are curious, and therefore they are always trying to find answers to different questions, and we all know questions come out of children’s mouths faster than you can answer them. Well, chemistry is a great way to answer many of these questions and to interest your child in chemistry.

learn chemistry
learn chemistry

For example, your child wants to know how the cheese is made, or why the leaves change color in autumn. Chemistry can provide answers to all of these questions, so when the child is in chemistry class and there it finds an answer to a question he asked in everyday love, his love for chemistry will increase.

2. Can chemistry help with my child’s future? 

More than you maybe realize. The career path in chemistry is so wide, you can choose between many different options. Chemistry is, in more or less percentage present in almost every type of work you can think of. When you have a degree in chemistry you can work in the pharmacy industry, food industry, heavy industry, energetics, you name it. Because of all these things, it’s important to present the child with the options that chemistry can provide. Chemistry became very popular in the world, and good chemists are always wanted. There are so many different options, everyone can find something that suits him best.

3. Is chemistry really that important in everyday life?

Even if it doesn’t seem so at first glance, chemistry is literally everywhere and if you don’t have at least basic knowledge of it you can get in potential danger. All cleaning products and stuff you find in a bathroom contain chemicals that can harm you if you don’t know what you’re doing. With some chemistry knowledge, you can avoid all those dangerous situations by understanding how the things around you work and function.

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Also, another part where chemistry is very much involved in the environment. By knowing the chemical laws you can participate in protecting your environment, and we all know how much is that important, especially nowadays when pollutions get bigger and bigger every day. By knowing what substances are harmful and which are helping you can save your environment and also recover it from any harm that may have been done by others. Another great example of how you can use your chemistry knowledge and put it to good use.

4. Will chemistry have an effect on my child’s health?

Yes, it will. And if you’re worried about the negative sides, you shouldn’t be, your child can only benefit from chemistry. If knowing the basic principles of chemistry, your child will be able to recognize most of the harmful substances around us and protect himself from them. For instance, if knowing that ammonia is harmful and recognizing its scent, the child can go away from its negative effects.

5 Steps to Understand Chemistry
5 Steps to Understand Chemistry

In our bodies, there are millions of chemical processes happening all the time. If you understand the chemical background of your symptoms, such as pain, sweating, fatigue, and others, you can then find the source of your problems and find an adequate solution for yourself. That solution may be some medicine, but hey, guess what, that’s also chemistry. That medicine doesn’t always have to be a drug; the answer can be pretty simple if you know where to look. For example, you ate some salty food, you’re thirsty and you have a headache. If you know that salt contains sodium that is taking water away from your body, you can guess that’s why your head hurts. Then you drink enough water and the pain goes away, and all that because you’re proficient in chemistry.

5. Will my child be bored learning chemistry?

Certainly not. Chemistry classes are extremely fun, because, let’s face it, chemistry is fun. In chemistry, your child can perform all kinds of experiments, individually or in groups. By doing this the child can fully understand the theory he’s been learning about and see it in practice. It can show him that chemistry is indeed all around and how to take advantage of it and make it easy and fun. Every child’s dreams are to perform a big important experiment like creating expanding foam or a volcano! But not everything about chemistry is about explosions, you can also make things glow, substances can change their aggregate state, and many others. These things, besides being fun for the child, improve his learning, but also his thinking, his motoric skills, and the way to manage in different unknown situations.

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In order to all this possible, it’s very important that the teacher is motivated and that he’s capable to interest the children in chemistry, and not just teaching from books and notes without giving children the chance to perform on their own.

These are just some basic benefits of chemistry. If you go deeper, you’ll find plenty more examples of how chemistry can make your life easier. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to show your child all the beauties of chemistry, because it will surely be useful in the future. Although your child might have some difficulties in some areas of chemistry, it will definitely be great fun for him.

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