motivation tips for your child

5 Tips to Motivate your Child to Study

Having taught for many years, one complaint I frequently get from parents is that their kids are not interested in studying. They rely a lot on me to motivate them for their exams, especially for a subject like Chemistry. “Mr Joel! I can’t even see atoms and molecules! Why should I have tuition for A level chemistry!”

As a Chemistry Tutor, I try my best to motivate all my students because, from my experience, motivated students produce the best results! It is a tried and tested method for ALL my students.

Here are 5 ways that we can motivate our kids!

1. Help them Become Active in Extracurricular or Sports Activities

Most parents think that sports or extracurricular activities can negatively affect a child’s exam results. On the other hand, it is very important for them to express themselves well. If you will allow them to play their favorite sports or join in any dancing or singing group then it can be an essential option to motivate them to study.

Gaining Confidence

The feeling that they can excel in any endeavor they undertake can really provide a great boost for them to succeed and do well. CCAs can definitely give them the confidence to do well in their exam, and Moderation is important, be sure that they will prioritize their studies above anything else.

motivation for your child


2. Set the Right Goals

Setting the right goals is one of the most effective techniques on how you effectively motivate your child to study. The goals that you have to present must be reasonable so that they will not feel the pressure of the school. Students with the best set of goals will certainly have the perfect opportunity to study well. It does not always have to be results-oriented, setting process-oriented goals like studying 1 hour every day after dinner can also motivate students.

3.The Right Environment to Study

Begin at home. This is the best reason why it is very important to have the best environment for the child to study. Do take your child to learn the basics for them to enjoy studying. It would be excellent to create a quiet and conducive area of the house for your children to study in. Allow them to use the same area to study every day and make it a distraction free zone.

4. Allow your kids to join a study group

Another effective way on how you can motivate your child to study is by permitting study group session with their classmates and friends. By this way, they would feel that they are being supported by their parents to study. Studying with their classmates and friends also gives them confidence and make studying a lot more fun!

5. Reward them for Good Grades

If your child gets a good mark on his or her subjects, it is very ideal if you can give them some reward for their hard work as this will certainly motivate them to strive more and get good grades to prove that they are worthy of the rewards you have given them.

Motivating your child to do well in school is important because as parents, it is a part of your task to ensure that they will have a better future. Spending for chemistry tuition is definitely worth it if your child knows the importance of studying well.

motivation tips for your child

Do you think these methods work? Let me know in the comments section below!