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Achieve As without stacks & stacks of assessment books that just kills their interest – even if they’re scoring poorly, careless and have no interest or motivation and have given up on Chemistry!)

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My son got A1 in O level exam. Thank you to the teacher! — Wai Lee Chong 

hi i got b3 —  Xue Yi

After attending class at Bright Culture, I have improved by 4 grades. I am very happy. The tutors worked hand in hand with the students to help them do well. Thank you! — Carrie Ho

Their chemistry tuition lessons are clear, concise and interesting. 

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My daughter attended the crash course during the holiday before the O level in Sep, and he managed to helped her improved from a B4 to A2. He not only clear the doubts of the students but also a great motivator who aims to make the subject interesting for the students. — Chris Chua

Hi hi Latha! My son Keanan Chua did awesome for his chem! Thanks to the dedication of the tutors! He scored B3. Made the best decision to go to Bright Culture. — Shalin 

hi! I got an a2 for chem —  Kirri Anne

I improved from a C6 to an A1 for my Year Four IP exams after three months of tutoring from Bright Culture. 

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He is a very clear and effective tutor and made concepts that I initially found difficult easy to understand. His notes are also concise and are great revision tools. Couldn’t ask for a better Chemistry tutor! — Megan Goh

Hi I got A2 for chemistry —  Erika 

She scored B3 —  Priscilla Tan

i improved and managed to get a b3 ☺️ —  Charmaine Choo

My son improved from C5 to A1 within 3 months. Thanks! — Tok Yoke Wang

I had a hard time understanding chemistry before joining Bright Culture and was never able to pass chemistry. 

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However after joining the class i was able to get from a D7 to an A1, as Bright Culture helped to build my foundation in chemistry and break down each topic so that it is easier to understand. I now enjoy the subject a lot more than i did previously because of his classes! —  Shyann Loh

Handsome teacher! Jokes aside, he helped raised my grades from a F9(9 marks) to a B3 in O levels! He is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you can understand specific topics that you are weak in; something not many teachers will do! — Wai Lee Chong 

I must say that Bright Culture is one of the few chem tuitions which can make learning Chemistry fun and effective. 

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When I first joined in Sec 3, I was extremely weak in the subject. My usual chem test results would hover around the C5/C6 range. Back then, I felt that learning Chemistry was like learning a new language. I was completely lost, and I soon lost a lot of confidence in the subject. Fortunately, I came across Bright Culture and it was my saving grace. Indeed I started off slow, I was pretty far behind from all of my peers, but under the wing of Mr Joel, I quickly gained more and more confidence in Chemistry and my results improved drastically, no kidding. Within a span of less than half a year, my grades jumped from C6 to a B3! But it didn’t stop there! My grades continued to improve and improve, and I am now proud to say that I have finally achieved the grades which I could have never imagined getting. A solid A1! I was astounded by such drastic improvements in my results, but after reflecting about it, I realised that it was all made possible because of Bright Culture. The friendly and lively teachers, always willing to answer your questions whether it is in class or by text, the conducive work environment, the beneficial tips and tricks to answer certain types of questions and the effective and comprehensive notes and worksheets they give you, was the reason to my significant improvement. Right now, it is safe to say that chemistry is one of my best and favourite subjects. Bright culture truly lives up to its name, creating a bright culture of students, developing them to have a bright future. I will never regret joining Bright Culture. — Andrew Sin

When i came to Bright Culture, i got an S for H2 chem in my promos and i wanted to give up. 

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Bright Culture not only ensures that you fully understand the concepts but also that you know how to apply them appropriately. Beyond academics, BC tutors are also one of the best motivators i have seen. He really keeps you focused and energised to do better and never to give up. Now, i got an A for H2 chem in the A levels and without his guidance, i wont have been able to achieve that result. — Gautum Vasnani

Before joining Mr Joel’s class, i’ve always been struggling with chemistry — memorising notes without fully understanding them, 

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hence failing to apply concepts properly during exams. However after joining Mr Joel’s classes, my chemistry improved drastically from a C6 to an A2 in the recent O levels. Mr Joel patiently explains chemistry concepts in class and even uses acronyms and drawings to help us remember the concepts better. Not only that, he ensures that each and everyone of us understands what is going on in class no matter the class size, and welcomes any questions outside of class time! He’s also very energetic during classes hence classes are never boring. I highly recommend joining his class if you’re struggling with chemistry! — Alethea Chua

I struggled with Chemistry a lot in JC and couldn’t keep up with the content taught in school. 

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After attending Mr Joel’s lessons, I was able to understand the concepts much better and solve questions much more efficiently. I was also able to ask questions freely in his class and he would answer them patiently. Mr Joel is also a lively tutor who makes lessons much more enjoyable! Overall, I would recommend students who struggle with chemistry to join Bright Culture. Thanks to Mr Joel’s lessons, I managed to attain an A for chemistry in the A Levels! — Yen Hui Foo

Bright Culture really helped me with chemistry and pulled my grades up from D to A* — Sheryl Wong

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He is a very clear and effective tutor and made concepts that I initially found difficult easy to understand. His notes are also concise and are great revision tools. Couldn’t ask for a better Chemistry tutor! — Megan Goh

Bright Culture tutors are one of a kind. Extremely friendly and outgoing personality, creative ways of teaching and the passion he displays during class never fails to make lessons exciting. 

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When I first went under his guidance, I was a student who knew absolutely nothing about chemistry. I was failing and contemplating on dropping the subject during my O’Level year. Bright Culture tutor had this burning passion in him and made sure not to give up on me, ensuring that I grasp the correct concepts. I am proud to say that I have jumped from the grade of D7 to A2 from my mid-year examinations to O’Level! Not only has he made me improve my grades, he has also rekindled my interest in chemistry! All of this would not have been possible without his guidance. — Leslie Lim

Before joining Bright Culture’s chemistry tuition class, I’ve always thought that Chemistry was a very daunting and difficult subject. 

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However, the tutors were able to effectively give a big picture of the core ideas and concepts, and draw links from one to another, which has been very helpful in my understanding. He also provides clear explanations for the questions that I have, and goes out of his way to answer my queries outside of class. His notes are very concise as well! As the tutors were very energetic and friendly, the classes are never boring and I developed a greater interest in this subject. As such, with their help, I managed to achieve an A for Chemistry in A levels! I highly recommend all who are having difficulties with Chemistry to join his class! — Cheong Win Yee 

Nvr pass chem before in jc. Improved tremendously and got a B for As. — Rakesh Ravindiran

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